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Sixten Kollstad, Karin Knauer und Esther Denz

Sixten Kollstad, Karin Knauer and Esther Denz


The Seed Grows Into a Plant - an Idea Becomes a Reality

In the nineties, it was difficult to get hold of tested, high-quality Chinese medicinal herbs in Switzerland. There were no reliable, secure sources and the handling of them was the sole responsibility of the respective TCM doctor or therapist. Esther Denz, who had built up a successful practice in the heart of Zurich after many years of studying TCM, wanted to change this. "Chinese medicinal herbs from a single source, in the best possible quality for me and my TCM professional colleagues. A TCM focal point that collects knowledge and passes it back to TCM doctors and therapists. That was my wish" says Esther Denz. "We wanted to build a center - by TCM specialists for TCM specialists!" Together with her husband Sixten Kollstad, she founded a company that was the predecessor to LIAN with the aim of establishing quality assurance with Swiss pharmacy standards in the industry.

Accordingly, the interest in the industry was great from the beginning and grew steadily. So quickly in fact that the search was on for a partner for larger investments. They found them in their cooperation with the founders and owners of the Chinamed centers.


The Lotus Breaks Through the Surface of the Water – The Founding of the Company LIAN CHINAHERB AG

The plan of a joint corporation helped give the noble seed a great growth spurt. In 2000 when another competent TCM specialist, Karin Knauer, joined the team, nothing more stood in the way of the new founding team together with the investors. Carefully following the rules of Chinese numerology, the company LIAN CHINAHERB AG was born on 8.8.2000 - so to speak as being born under a lucky star.


The Flower Blossoms - the Radiance of a TCM Family

LIAN CHINAHERB AG has achieved many milestones up to now. The development and introduction of today's quality assurance system is only one - but an important one. Another important is the team of more than 40 employees in Switzerland and Europe, who work every day with a lot of passion and know-how so that the lotus flower can shine.

In 2019, its shares could be bought back, so that LIAN CHINAHERB AG is again fully owned by the innovative founding team Esther Denz, Sixten Kollstad and Karin Knauer. "This was the right way for us to go. Now it feels like a pure family business again" Sixten Kollstad describes this step. "This feeling spurs us and our employees on every day" adds Karin Knauer.

With consistently high quality, great TCM know-how, exciting further innovations and a lot of heart, we all work to ensure that the lotus blossom continues to grow, flourish and blossom.  And that is exactly why we at LIAN CHINAHERB AG are so happy to be there for you and for your health day after day.

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