LIAN lotus flower


Lotus Blüte

The sacred lotus flower lian - a symbol of purity and fertility in China, India and Tibet. It's roots grow in gloomy and muddy waters, it rises on long stems over the surface of the water and blooms in magical blossoms. The umbrella-shaped petals are purity themselves: their surfaces are covered with microscopic wax crystals which repel water, dust and dirt.


Use in Chinese medicine


Almost the entire lotus plant is used medically. The leaves he ye are used as a summer-heat clearing herb, which supports the spleen. The root node ou jie is used to stop bleeding. The fruits of the lotus lian zi have a stabilising and shen soothing effect. The shoots lian zi xin clears heart-fire and stops bleeding. The stamen lian xu stabilises the kidneys and clears heat from the heart. The seed pot of the flower lian fang is also used. It moves blood, stops bleeding and calms the fetus. It also clears summer-heat and drains dampness.

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