Analysis of Raw Herbs

We work with a partner company in Germany, which has teams of highly qualified experts in both China and Germany. Through the intensive German-Chinese cooperation, medicinal plants are planted, harvested and dried in a controlled manner, according to GAP standards. Each batch is specifically tested for contamination (heavy metals, arsenic, pesticides) and for microbiological contamination and is only shipped to Europe if all specifications are met according to the valid European Pharmacopoeia and / or the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The raw substances are delivered to Switzerland with the certificate of anaylsis from a GMP-certified European laboratory. Each batch is identity tested organoleptically as well as microscopically or by means of HPTLC and / or chemico-analytically in LIAN's laboratory. A comparative assessment is also carried out with reference to reference batches. The raw substance are only released when all test criteria are met.


  • GAP Good Agricultural Practice
  • GMP Good Manufacturing Practice
  • HPTLC High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography
  • PIC-GMP PIC = Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention


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