We are licensed by Swissmedic, the Swiss authority for medicinal products, for the wholesale trade of traditional Chinese medicines as well as for their import and export. We also possess a pharmacy license with special authorization for the mail order distribution of medicinal products, issued by the Office for Health and Social Affairs of the canton Schwyz.
The basis and foundation of our safety procedures is our quality assurance system (QA), which regulates all operating procedures according to GMP and GDP guidelines and updates them according to current EU-GMP standards.

Technical director Gabriela Gutknecht is responsible for quality assurance in our company. With her knowledge and experience, she provides the best professional background for maintaining an up-to-date quality assurance system and monitoring workflows. 

Our internal quality assurance system is based on the following three pillars:

1. Double check at all steps of a procedure

  • Every movement of goods - from arrival to shipping to our customers - is under dual control.

2. Complete traceability

  • Complete traceability, from the patient to the supplier of the batch, is ensured through barcode scanning into our computer system.

3. Documentation available at any time

  • Each job is stored in our database and can be retrieved at any time for checking. By means of reference samples, conclusions can be drawn about the product quality at any time.

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