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Granule manufacturer CSZ in Taiwan

Cooperation with our suppliers in Taiwan, China and other countries is an exciting challenge. It's important to overcome cultural differences and language barriers, to make the best possible use of the different strengths of our partners in the far east and to select the best products for therapeutic needs.


Adherence to PIC/EU-GMP criteria (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a basic quality requirement for our suppliers. That means:

  • Standardized workflows
  • Regular PIC/EU-GMP Audits 
  • Examination of all product batches to confirm identity as well as purity according to the European Pharmacopeia (PhEur)

GMP requirements ensure that a company works clean and in an organized manner. Companies that do not meet this level will not considered as partner companies.


  • PhEur = European Pharmacopeia
  • GAP = Good Agricultural Practice
  • GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice
  • PIC-GMP PIC = Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention

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