Chinese medicine: resources


Here, the Institute of Traditional Medicine, headed by Subhuti Dharmananda, presents many interesting articles on Chinese medicine. The topics range from quality assurance to historical and philosophical treatises, to clinical articles and a summary of Chinese research. - A good source for interesting and clinically valuable information.

This site is a collection of different information on all aspects of traditional Chinese medicine for patients and therapists. Clinically valuable articles are rather sparse. On the other hand, there is an excellent compilation of TCM schools all over the world. is very US-oriented. Some of the main articles are of a political nature and less relevant to Europe, but nevertheless interesting.

Covers all areas of TCM, but has a clear focus in acupuncture. The website has a well-stocked books shop and also offers downloadable articles for download. Furthermore, you can order almost everything online (from England) for your acupuncture practice, from needles and magnets to treatment tables. Chinese medicines are not on sale, except for ginseng extracts, capsules and teas. It is a bit annoying that Chinese Medicine Times always gives a link to the source under "Latest News and Articles", but they do not name the authors. This requires a small detour for each article.

This website contains much interesting, although also less fruitful, information about alternative medicine. Among other things, the site has a fairly good database of medicinal monographs of around 300 frequently used and sometimes also unusual plants. (The given link leads directly there.) The database provides little information on Chinese medicine, but some toxicological data as well as interesting references to pharmacological and clinical studies.



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