New LIAN Ordering System – Online starting today


It’s finally here: our new LIAN ordering system OOS is online and is available for ordering TCM herbal prescriptions at the following web address:
To log into the new OOS, you can use your existing OBS login name and password as usual. 

Watch our video tutorial on how to order granules with the Online Ordering System (OOS)

For the time being, you can order granule prescriptions, vitality mushrooms, magistral products, as well as food and skin care products. The ordering of raw herb prescriptions has been delayed due to the current general situation and will be available in a few weeks. We will send you details about the new functions regarding raw herbs as soon as they are available.

No stress during the changeover!

The old OBS system will remain working in parallel during the first weeks of the changeover. This allows you to get to know the system at your convenience.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the new system and will be happy to support you in the process. You can contact us via email at or via the toll-free phone number 0800 786 99 99 (in Germany) if you need help.

Don't have a login yet? Please contact us at and we will be happy to open an account for you.



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