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Dear TCM doctors and TCM practitioners

We are very pleased to introduce our brand new, unique LianTong Chinese Herbal Patch to you today. Together with our long-term partner in Taiwan, we have developed an intensely invigorating patch with an extract of select Chinese herbs. Thanks to the balanced formula, the patch can be used at any time, whether you are feeling cold or hot. This patch relaxes and loosens joints, muscles and tendons. It also promotes the flow of energy (Qi) during exercise, sports and recreation.
Properties according to Chinese tradition:
Moves Xue *****
Warms *
Disperses Qi stagnation ***
Nourishes / Tonifies *
Dispels wind-dampness Bi ***
The premium Chinese herbal blend contains red peony root, myrrh, frankincense, rhubarb root and notopterygium root which promote and invigorate the flow of energy (Qi). Together with Chinese and dahurican angelica root, bletilla root, licorice and menthol, it supports regeneration after heavy strain from work and sports. Cinnamon bark, ginger, lindera root and pubescent angelica root relieve muscles and tendons from tension and cold.
Our patch is self-adhesive and can be used on the back, shoulders and extremities. Apply it to the appropriate area and press the edges down well. Our patch is very adaptable and adheres wonderfully even in difficult areas with frequent movement. The effect of the patch lasts up to 6 hours.

The new patch is also wonderful for sale in your practice. We have worked out great prices for you and it can be ordered now in the OOS or by patients directly on our web shop. Don't have an OOS login yet? Please contact us at and we will be happy to open an account for you. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or requests - we look forward to your feedback.
Your LIAN Team


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