Ba Bao Zhou

Rice dish - Eight Treasures Porridge for a strong middle Burner.

ITEM No. 14066

Ba Bao Zhou


yi yi ren (Coicis Semen) coix seed
fu ling (Poria) poria
bai bian dou (Lablab Semen Album) hyacinth bean 
lian zi (Nelumbinis Semen) lotus seed
qian shi (Euryales Semen) euryale seed 
long yan rou (Longan Arillus) longan fruit
bai he (Lilii Bulbus) Lily bulb
da zao (Jujubae Fructus) Chinese date


yi yi ren (Coicis Semen), fu ling (Poria) and bai bian dou (Lablab Semen Album) combined with the rice strengthen the middle and drain dampness. lian zi (Nelumbinis Semen) and qian shi (Euryales Semen) strengthen the middle, astringe the intestines and harden the stool. long yan rou (Longan Arillus), bai he (Lilii Bulbus) and da zao (Jujubae Fructus) nourish the xue, are pleasantly soothing and lend the dish a subtle sweetness.

TCM properties

Strengthens spleen Qi*****
Drains dampness*****
Strengthens xue*****
Calms the shen***


Soak half the contents of the bag (approx. 50 g) in a litre of water for 20 minutes, then add 150 g of sticky or jasmine rice and boil for 40 minutes. Can be sweetened with a little honey, brown sugar or cinnamon. Eat one portion per day (may be continued over a longer period). Keep the cooked rice dish in the refridgerator for no longer than one week. Use during pregnancy not recommended.

Ba Bao Zhou is suitable for sale in the practice, in pharmacies or drug stores.



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