Dun Ji Tang Liao


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dang gui (Angelicae Sinensis Radix) Chinese angelica root
fu ling (Poria) poria
huang qi (Astragali Radix) Astragalus root
dang shen (Codonopsis Radix) codnopsis
gou qi zi (Lycii Fructus) gouji berries
bai shao (Paeoniae Radix Alba) white peony root
chuan xiong (Chuanxiong Rhizoma) Szechuan lovage root
da zao (Jujubae Fructus) Chinese dates


The herbal formula supports the spleen and nourishes the xue. dang gui (Angelica Sinensis Radix), gou qi zi (Fructus Lycii Sinensis), bai shao (Paeoniae Radix Alba), chuan xiong (Chuanxiong Rhizoma) and da zao (Jujubae Fructus) tonify and nourish the xue. fu ling (Poria), huang qi (Astragali Radix) and dang shen (Codonopsis Radix) tonify and support the spleen and increase Qi. When these herbs are taken together with a strong broth, an excellent restorative effect can be achieved in cases of weakness.

TCM properties

Tonifies Qi *****
Tonifies xue ****
Tonifies yin *****
Warms **


Boil an organic chicken in approx. three to five litres of water for two hours. Then add all the herbs of the dun ji tang liao formula; simmer for a further two hours on low heat. For the last hour you can add organic vegetables, spices and salt to taste. The soup should not be too heavily spiced, however, since spiciness consumes Qi and xue. The soup can, for instance, be flavoured with a little olive oil, a small quantity of fresh ginger, rosemary and thyme with a dash of salt and pepper. According to taste, the soup can be filtered or eaten with the chicken pieces and edible herbs. It is also possible to cook the chicken overnight (up to 12 hours). The herbs, however, should only be added for the last two hours.

Preparation for vegetarian soup

Soak black beans in water overnight, then cook them together with some potatoes and the mixed herbs in approximately three litres of water for one hour. Then add various organic vegetables (for instance carrots, celeriac, savoy cabbage, leeks and onions) and simmer for a further hour. At the end, add pine nuts and sunflower seeds and season with a little salt and pepper. For the vegetarian option, an egg yolk can be added with each warmed-up daily portion; in the vegan version this is simply omitted. 

Dun Ji Tang Liao is suitable for sale in the practice, in pharmacies or drug stores. 


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