Si ni bei Firewater

Nourishes the fire of life

The union of yin and yang means life. Chinese philosophy and tradition show us many ways to balance the more material, cool yin and the more energetic, warm yang. With age, yin may decrease, but certainly the power of the metabolism to absorb yang also steadily decreases. Therefore, energetically warm Yang tonifying herbs are a good source of energy for many people from about 40 years of age.

Our powerful, hot and spicy fire water si ni bei originates from Hunyuan medicine and is used to replace aconite remedies. It is an alcohol extract from ground herbs. A speciality of the recipe is the use of a very oily and sweet-hot cassia cinnamon from Vietnam in combination with a warming, sweet Ceylon cooking cinnamon.

For lack of energy, weakness and feelings of coldness in general, and especially in the lower back and knees, Firewater can be used as an additive when taking TCM granulate or raw drug formulations. It can also be added to a tea to give it a warming effect. Our recommendation is to combine it with our likewise warming Winter Magic Tea.


an gui Cinnamomi Cortex Vietnamese cinnamon bark
lan gui Cinnamomi Verum Cortex Ceylon cinnamon bark
gan jiang Zingiberis Rhizoma Ginger
xia hui xiang Foeniculi Fructus Fennel seeds

Si ni bei Firewater is filled in 50 ml pipette bottles and can be added drop by drop. When administering, it is important to note that the Yang tonic can develop well deep in the body within the frame. If there are existing feelings of heat, a lot of thirst, digestive problems such as constipation and dry stools or rising energies with symptoms of headaches or palpitations, Yang tonic should only be taken in consultation with the TCM therapist or TCM doctor.

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