How to Take Granules



Here in the west, granules are most often drank as a tea. The granule formula is added to warm water, stirred and taken. Since most granules have a carrier substance of corn starch, they do not dissolve completely; a cloudy sediment remains, which must be stirred before drinking. Some therapists recommend adding the whole daily dose of granules in a small thermos so that they are not forgotten while working or when you are on the road and can be taken more conveniently.

In Taiwan, the most widely used method is to pour the herbal granules directly in your mouth and follow them with a drink of water. Since the Taiwanese granules have good flow properties and do not clump, this method work well with them. However, it takes some getting used to. The granules can usually be rinsed and swallowed with water without difficulty, but sometimes the powder can stick to the palate and more liquid is neededmto swallow it completely.

For people who can not take granules because of their taste, it is possible to take them in the form of capsule or tablets. The advantage of capsules and tablets, in addition to the almost complete lack of taste, is the ease of use when working or traveling.


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