Raw herbs

authentic and traditional

Water decoctions from raw herbs are regarded as the original form for taking herbal medicines in Chinese medicine. Many of the experiences from Chinese medicine, documented over the last two thousand years, are based on this galenic form. The decoction is still considered today as the most effective form of Chinese herbal medicine.

However, the preparation of a decoction is quite time-intensive. In addition, there is the smell during the preparation and the taste when taking them, which can take getting used to. For these reasons, decoctions are being prescribed less often in Europe. Today, only about 10 to 15 percent of all Chinese medicine prescriptions are raw herb decoctions.

As clear as the disadvantages are, the advantages are as clear as this: there is no other form of application which has the same efficacy. Drops, granules and all other forms are inferior to the decoction with regards to freshness and complexity. The decoction is THE form of administration for Chinese herbal medicine. Especially in the case of serious diseases, it is difficult to replace.

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