Scaling & Irritation

LianMei products «Scaling & Irritation» for external use reduce dandruff, irritation and reddening of the skin.

Nearly two percent of Europe‘s population is affected by chronic skin problems which may be associated with the formation of silver-white scales, irritation and redness. Very often the scalp and the areas of skin on the elbows, knees and sacral region are affected. According to Chinese tradition, the cause of these types of skin problems is the invasion of various external factors. The most common is wind-heat, which transforms into fire. A physical, psychological or mental imbalance can also lead to a stagnation of Qi and xue which also causes heat. In addition, hot and spicy foods, especially alcohol, and certain medicines or drugs can also worsen the condition. In the body, heat can quickly transform into xue-heat and fire which can irritate the skin. Therefore, treatment is focused primarily on the purging of the heat and cooling the xue. For long-standing complaints the secondary problems that have developed such as yin deficiency and dryness must also be addressed.

LianMei is suitable for selling in practices, pharmacies and drug stores.

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