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The water element finds its strength in winter. The cold belongs to this element, as do the colours of the night-- black and blue. In winter, nature withdraws and gathers new strength for the forthcoming spring. This closes the circle of the 5 elements, the seasons, and life.

The energetic organs kidney and bladder are assigned to the water element. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Jing, the essence of our power, is hidden in the kidneys.

Water people are often prone to cystitis or a feeling of cold in the lower back. Water people are often introverted. They can be chaotic and sometimes be late. Wisdom is assigned to the water element and when the water is balanced, these people often have a strong will that cannot be shaken by anything.

But if the water people get into a disharmony, they can suffer from various fears that can severely restrict them in their lives.

Water people have a pear-shaped figure. The shoulders are narrow, the hips wide. The legs are rather stocky.



Pinyin English
xiao hui xiang Fennel fruit
gou qi zi Goji berries
gan jiang

Ginger root

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