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Spring is assigned to the wood element. Nature awakens from hibernation and lets us become active. The plants begin to grow, to sprout and to become green. This explains the assignment of the colour green to the wood element. The liver and the gallbladder are the energetic organs of wood in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A detoxification of the body in spring, as it is traditionally often done, therefore seems just right.

Wood people are mostly active and stormy people. They are creative, courageous and enterprising. A well-balanced wood person likes to take the lead. Balanced wood people can adapt effortlessly to new situations, like an elastic tree that is bent by the wind and still does not break. Exercise gives them pleasure and they
need physical activity to compensate. If the wood gets out of balance, wood people can quickly become irritated or angry.

Wood people are often built athletically, with wide shoulders and long arms and legs. It is easy for them to gain muscle mass. Their back is straight and strong. Their hands are large, with long fingers and wide palms.

Wood types have leadership qualities, but are quickly frustrated and tend to eat too much in stressful situations. They quickly gain weight in the middle of the body. The herbs in the Wood Tea move the Qi in the middle, which provides more balance. As a result, the appetite is regulated again.



Pinyin English
jue ming zi      Cassia seeds
shan zha Hawthorn fruit
pu er cha Pu Er

Package size: 100 g

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