Winter Magic Tea


Item No. 14286
Package size: 80 g


The spicy Winter Magic Tea is a well-balanced composition of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, fennel seeds, liquorice and campanula root.

Very special is the use of two different types of very high-quality cinnamon in this tea. It is a combination of a sweet Ceylon edible cinnamon with a very rare, aromatic Cassia cinnamon from Vietnam. These precious cinnamon varieties combined with dried ginger give the tea an incomparable sweet and spicy taste. The cardamom contained in the tea is also a speciality. The cardamom that we use are the flavour-intensive cardamom fruit seeds - not the peel parts, which are usually included, these have been completely removed. Cardamom warms the body and harmonises digestion. The tea also contains the slightly sweet codonopsis root, which has been used in Asia for thousands of years to generally strengthen the body. The Winter Magic Tea is rounded off with fennel seeds, which are also warming, and sweet liquorice which has been roasted in honey.

Winter Magic Tea strengthens and warms when you feel cold and is particularly suitable on cold or damp and cold days.


Pinyin English
an gui vietnamese cinnamon bark
gan jiang dried ginger
lan gui

Ceylon cinnamon bark

xi sha ren


dang shen

codonopsis root

xiao hui xiang

fennel seeds

gan cao

licorice root

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