Nursing Power Tea

Chinese Herbal Tea



Sufficient hydration is important for the production of milk. The roots, seeds, mushrooms as well as fruits contained in the tea strengthen the exhausted mother after childbirth and promote the production of breast milk. Black sesame seeds hei zhi ma, honey roasted licorice root zhi gan cao as well as white peony root bai shao nourish the body. Both astragalus huang qi, codonopsis dang shen, poria fu ling and fennel seeds tian hui xiang strengthen, warm the middle and in this way support the production of breast milk. Chinese angelica root dang gui as well as Szechuan lovage chuan xiong help circulation, relax the breast area and together with dandelion leaves pu gong ying promote the free flow of milk.


Pinyin English
hei zhi ma black sesame seeds
tian hui xiang fennel seeds
fu ling poria
huang qi astragalus
pu gong ying dandelion leaves
dang shen codonoposis
chuan xiong Szechuan lovage root
dang gui Chinese angelica root
bai shao white peony root
zhi gan cao honey-roasted licorice root

Package size: 80 g


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