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LIAN offers extracts and powders from the twelve most popular vitality mushrooms which are taught on mycotherapy courses in the West.

Fungi are neither animal nor plant. They digest using enzymes in order to grow, while plants use photosynthesis. Mushrooms are recyclers. If they did not exist, human life on this planet most likely would not be possible since plants and animals produce bio waste and this is only transformed by means of bacteria and fungi which then becomes available as a nutrient for further plant growth. In the folk tradition in China, over a hundred different mushrooms have been used for many centuries. Three of them are known well to TCM therapists: ling zhi, Ganoderma Lucidum, zhu ling, Polyporus Umbellatus and dong chong xia cao, Ophiocordyceps Sinensis. 



In general, all vitality mushrooms are characterised by the following actions which are derived from the doctrine of signatures, practical experience, and their sweet taste and neutral temperature: vitality mushrooms transform and transport. They strengthen and nourish. They regulate and harmonise, drain and calm the Shen. Vitality mushrooms belong to the earth element.
Nearly all vitality mushrooms increase stress tolerance; they are also suitable for use over longer periods of time. Ancient knowledge about vitality mushrooms can be found in both Western and Eastern folk medicine, as well as dietary and nutritional teachings. Since the 1970s, the interest in vitality mushrooms has risen since more scientific research has been conducted. 


No general information can be given for the dosage of vital mush-room products. The dosage depends on the type and extent of the symptoms and the individual response of the patient to the products. LIAN recommends the following guidelines:

  • Adults with a body weight up to 65 kg:
    0.9 to 1.2 g per mushroom extract per day
    1.5 to 2 g per mushroom powder per day
  • Adults with a body weight above 65 kg:
    1.2 to 1.8 g per mushroom extract per day
    2 to 3 g per mushroom powder per day
  • Up to three different vitality mushrooms can be combined in well-founded, individual cases.
  • As a rule, vitality mushroom products are taken separate from meals (at least a half hour before, or an hour after, at the earliest).



Vitality mushrooms can be ordered from professional therapists with proven basic knowledge of mycotherapy from LIAN.
Vitality mushrooms can be prescribed as a single substance, as a magistral vitality mushroom formula or as a complement to a magistral TCM formula.  

In our online ordering system OOS, you can select «Vitality mushroom formula» in the order overview, and then click to add individual items to your order as usual. Of course, we also accept orders by fax or e-mail.



For orders of at least 50 g per prescription, encapsulation is free. This applies only to pure vitality mushroom formulas. Once vitality mushrooms are mixed with TCM herbs, the encapsulation is subject to a charge. 

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