Mao Tou Gui San


mao tou gui san

The shaggy ink cap or lawyer’s wig is a young and distinguished mushroom. It was also used as a source of ink: as it ripens, its lamellae disintegrate into a liquid which ink can be obtained from. The purpose of this release is the spreading of spores, that is, preservation of the species.

The vitality mushroom has a favorable influence on the middle Jiao due to its balancing, regulating and tonifying energics. It tonifies the Yin and cools Xue-heat. Thus, it is particularly well able to compensate for Yin deficiency and to compensate for empty-heat.

This vitality mushroom is available as
- powder for individual prescription in medicinal mushroom and TCM granule formulations
- finished product of the LianGu line in capsules

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