Mu Er

Auricularia Polytricha, WOOD EAR OR JEW's EAR


The vitality mushroom Auricularia Polytricha is known to us under the name of wood ear or Jew's ear. It is used as a culinary mushroom in many Asian dishes. It is found predominantly on elderberry trees, but also on other trees, such as the birch tree. In China, the mushroom is called mu er (木耳), which means "wood ear" or "tree ear".

Sweet in the taste and neutral in temperature, it tonifies Qi, Wei Qi and Xue, moistens and activates Xue, cools Xue-heat and frees the network vessels.

This vitality mushroom is available as
- powder for individual prescription in medicinal mushroom and TCM granule formulations
- finished product of the LianGu line in capsules

Pilz in Dose

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