Xiang Gu

Lentinula Edodes, Shiitake

xiang gu

The Japanese name shiitake means "the fungus growing on the Pasania tree [a beech plant]; the Chinese name xiang xun can be translated as «fragrant mushroom».

Shiitake is sweet in taste and neutral in temperature. It strengthens Qi, Wei Qi, Yin and Xue. It also transforms dampness, eliminates heat, drains dampness, and treats bi syndromes. The physician Wu Rui saw shiitake as an excellent mushroom to against internal cold and Qi stagnation caused by it. He used shiitake to treat Bi syndrome.

According to Chinese nutritional teachings, shiitake is particularly rich in substances which protect against aging. Chinese emperors are said to have eaten large quantities of the mushroom to prolong their lives and to try to become immortal.

This vitality mushroom is available as
- powder for individual prescription in medicinal mushroom and TCM granule formulations
- finished product of the LianGu line in capsules

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