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Thanks to our network of contacts, we are able to attract competent and well-known speakers for the courses at the LIAN INSTITUTE. In this way, we can offer a broad range of training courses with the heavyweights of herbal medicine anddiagnostics. The courses and seminars are aimed at TCM doctors, therapists and students.

Courses usually take place at our training facility in Wollerau.

How to find us: download directions as PDF.

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Jing Fang Foundation Program

17.-20 may 2019, 8.-11 november 2019, 8.-11 may 2020, 6.-9 november 2020

Dr. Suzanne Robidoux

3.360,00 EUR

Beginning in May, 2019, the LIAN INSTITUTE will conduct a 2-year program on Jing Fang with Suzanne Robidoux. The course takes place over 16 seminar days, broken up into four blocks of four days, each running from Thursday to Sunday.

This Jing Fang training course will give you a comprehensive understanding of the six syndromes and the associated herbal formulas according to Jing Fang (classical formulas according to Zhang Zhong Jing).

Food Intolerances in Adults and Children

February 22-23, 2020

Yifan Yang

420,00 EUR

Food allergies and intolerances are often seen in the TCM practice. With the overwhelming amount of information today regarding food, there are different opinions about food, health and the environment. As a result, people get confused about what they should eat for their health and also how to get rid of problems such as allergies and intolerances.

Dr. Yang will compare and discuss these issues using modern and conventional perspectives and facts. She will analyze the syndromes, and introduce herbs and formulas for treatment. She will also give dietary advice with cooking tips to help patients to prevent or recover from food allergies and intolerances.

The simplicity of true pulse and tongue diagnosis in classical Chinese medicine

18 - 19.04.2020

Dr. Li Jie

420,00 EUR

Due to the long history of Chinese medicine and different interpretations, pulse and tongue diagnosis has become a very complex practice, especially in the West. The pulse and tongue diagnosis of CCM, on the other hand, is not difficult to learn, but it’s also not easy to teach. In this seminar, Dr. Li Jie will present the original CCM pulse and tongue diagnosis in a simplified and clinically easy-to-use version.

Yuan Qi Classical Acupuncture

May 2 - 3, 2020

Dr. Suzanne Robidoux

420,00 EUR

In this course, Dr. Robidoux will share her experience in the Classical Acupuncture System which survived the test of time in Taiwan. In Taiwan, there are three main classical lineages of Chinese medicine which are very traditional and strict schools with thousands of years of experience. They have kept the teachings of the ancient Xian (miraculous doctors) like Hua Tuo and Bian Que and passed their knowledge through closed discipleship.

Introduction to mycotherapy

Sa, june 13, 2020

Thomas Falzone

70,00 EUR

Thomas Falzone introduces the basics of mycotherapy. What is mycotherapy, what are vitailty mushrooms and how does it differ to other holistic therapies? You will rediscover an old tradition. A particular advantage of mycotherapy is that even therapists without phytotherapy training, who have completed this training day, can prescribe vitailty mushrooms to patients.

Ministerial Fire ‒ From Complexity to Simplicity

September 5-6, 2020

Dr. Guo-Jun Yu

420,00 EUR

We welcome Yu Guo-Jun from Sichuan, a well-known doctor of Chinese medicine, to the LIAN INSTITUTE. He teaches not only in China, but also in the US and next year in Europe for the first time. His book "A Walk Along the River" is considered one of the most remarkable works on TCM in English. A section of this book was published in German for the first time in "EXTRACT".

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