Frequently asked questions

What are the requireMents For ordering tcM herbal prescriptions FroM lian?

In addition to thorough basic training in traditional Chinese medicine, training in Chinese herbal medicine is also required. Doctors can in principle prescribe TCM herbs, but a course in Chinese herbal medicine is strongly recommended..

can the Prices For prescriptions varY a lot?

Some Chinese herbs are very reasonably priced, but some are very expensive. LIAN uses standard pricing. This enables the prices for prescriptions to be calculated easily, and patients can be informed accordingly.

can tcM herbs be Mixed in the Practice and disPensed to Patients?

TCM herbs may only be mixed by a pharmacy or company with a manufacturing licence. TCM physicians are not permitted to dispense the herbs directly.

can a PhYsician or theraPist earn MoneY on prescriptions?

LIAN invoices the patient directly for precriptions. Lian bears all the costs of storage, invoicing, accounting, etc., so there are no further administrative costs for the prescriber. We therefore recommend invoicing the patient for the time spent prescribing and ordering.

Which Products can be purchased by acuPuncturists, Massage theraPists, PhYsiotheraPists, MidWives and dieticians For resale to Patients?

Herbal teas, chicken soups and rice dishes, as well as products for external use such as our fluid spray, massage oil, emulgels and products for external application such as skin creams, lotions, intensive oil, gels, masks, shampoos, cleansing gels, and balms can be ordered from LIAN at resale prices. magistral products for adults, for example HPV gel and ovules, genital mycosis cream and vaginal mycosis ovules, haemorrhoid cream and suppositories, herpes gel, throat and nasal spray, syrup for cough and magistral products for children like drops for strengthening, ear, nose, cough, and colic, teething gel can only be sent by prescription from a TCM therapist or doctor.

Which Products can be ordered bY the Public?

The public can purchase herbal teas, chicken soup and rice dishes, products for external use such as fluid spray, massage oil, emulgels as well as for the products for the skin such as creams, lotions, oil, gel, facial mask, shampoos, wash gels, balm, bubble bath, lip balm, Hydrovagin.

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