TCM Knowledge Base


In order to look up information from materia medica during telephone consultations, the LIAN TCM team developed a web-based knowledge base several years ago. This proved itself and it was integrated into the Online Ordering System (OOS) which was launched later. Thus, the TCM knowledge base is also accessible to customers.

The knowlede base provides a wealth of interesting information on Chinese herbs and formulas. The basic information, action, indications, contraindications, pictures and referenced comments form a solid reference source, which is constantly being expanded. The categories and search options allow quick access to information. As a support tool for prescribing, the knowledge base can be of great help.

The TCM knowledge base is accessible from the OOS via the main menu. In addition, you will be guided directly to the information on the corresponding product during prescribing in the search result of the item selection via the "TCM-Link".

Quick reference guide: knowledge base

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