helping you get started

Learning Chinese medicine is not easy. We are aware of the difficulties of finding your way around this great field of knowledge and would like to contribute to helping students to enter the world of Chinese medicinal herbs. An interesting internship can be completed free of charge in the LIAN specialist pharmacy for Chinese medicine.

Student discount

During a student's Chinese herbal medicine training, we grant a discount of 30% for prescriptions ordered for the student's own use.

learning aids

Students can also benefit from the homepage and catalogs, which are very informative and have a lot of specialist texts. The catalog part on ready-made formulas especially can be a good learning aid. Our knowledge base is a reliable reference tool for many students. In addition, learners can subscribe free of charge to our trade magazine "EXTRAKT" and purchase the flash cards for individual Chinese herbs (both are available only in German).


Our TCM team answers professional queries, as well as the questions of students, competently and promptly. Another source that is worth tapping is our online ordering system (OOS) with integrated knowledge base. Our representatives are happy to demonstrate our OOS for you at your home, in you practice or at school. Our OOS contains a lot of useful features, but the program can intimidating at first contact because it is technical and not always self-explanatory. Our sales representtatives can also arrange visits for entire school classes at LIAN pharmacy. For our seminars with top international speakers, we grant students a 20 percent discount.


  • Free internship at the LIAN special pharmacy
  • Free visit for school classes at LIAN
  • 30% discount on prescriptions for personal use
  • Free subscription to the "EXTRAKT" magazine 
  • Technical advice by our TCM team
  • Visits and consulting by our respresentatives
  • Free access to the online ordering system (OOS) with knowledge base
  • 20% discount on seminars at the LIAN INSTITUTE
  • Free copy of our booklet on ready-made formulas
  • Cheap learning cards for individual herbs

OOS and knowledge base

Please visit our online ordering system (OOS) with integrated knowledge base. If you need a login to the OOS, please write us an email or call us on:


Doctors, therapists and students of traditional Chinese medicine can access additional information on our website at by logging in. Login details for the OOS can also be used for the login area of the homepage. If you need a login to access the TCM professional information, please write us an email at or call us on:


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